„There are a lot of parts of the stable singing technique, which you can learn by hard work and concentration. If the technique, performance, singing knowledge and the sight are in harmony, the artist and its audiance enjoy the wonder, which feeds them, and makes them in one unit.”  


I would like to summerize briefly, what do I think about the singing, and about the teaching of singing.
During my singing career I experienced, that the nice voice, and  the talant are not enough. The singer has to have a stable singing technique, which helps to open the talant and the voice.

The basis of my singing technique is the body work! Very important to know the stable technique of the respiration, the process of  breathing in and out, and the mechanism of the diaphragm and the vocal organs.
The singer has to know the parts of the larynx, and has to know how to use her/his head and the bones.

I teach everybody over 14 years old.
I teach in the following styles:

  • Classical
  • pop- rock
  • musical.


I am ready to teach for singing everybody, who would like to improve his/her singing knowledge, who would like to learn the singing technique, and would like to get a lot of new and interesting information in connection of the performing arts.


Hatvan - Hungary
Since July 2009 I make a 5 days long singing course in Hungary in Hatvan. There is a friendly house near a lake, where I teach my students very intensive way. These courses are very happy events, but I demand from the students very hard work. At the end of the course – in the evening of the 5th day – there is an opened concert in the town.

Leibnitz - Austria
Since 2011 I teach a singing choir once in a week in Leibniz. (Austria).